Why hire a Baby Planner?

Examples of topics to be discussed

  • Exercises and activities
  • The birth of a child, the birth of a mother, the birth of a father, the birth of a family
  • The arrival of a second (third, fourth…) child, how to prepare their brothers or sisters
  • Food and nutrition during pregnancy
  • Birth preparation
  • Breastfeeding
  • Sleeping
  • How to manage and balance your  professional life with  your pregnancy
  • Child birth options and resources
  • Birth Plan
  • Which birth’s professionals can help you to handle pain and be well prepared to give birth
  • Feng Shui and Baby Nursery
  • Baby Gear check list
  • Attachment parenting
  • How to find and select the most suitable child care
  • The organic, ecological and fair products (skincare, bath, beauty, clothes, toys, furniture…)
  • How to select a pediatrician
  • How to be well prepared to go back to home after birth  
  • Baby rhythms
  • How to be well prepared to go back to work with serenity and efficiency
  • Breastfeeding in practice (at home, when back to work or travelling…)
  • Activities with your baby
  • A new balance for a new family
  • (…)